Take Action


1. Join Houston Historic District Coalition.

It’s Free! We need your support. Together we have a stronger voice. The collective data will be used only for statistics to present to city council.

2. Contact Mayor and Council

Email Mayor Parker and EVERY member of our City Council and the Historic Preservation Officer.

Tell them you SUPPORT Mayor Parker’s recommendation to strengthen Houston’s Historic Preservation Ordinance. In your email, include your area of town, especially if you own property or live in a Historic District.

Use our ‘quick and easy’ way to email Mayor Parker and all City Council members and the Historic Preservation Officer all at once.

3. Attend Public Meetings

Attend the upcoming public meetings and speak in favor of the proposed amendments.

Meeting for Historic Districts are scheduled from July 27-Aug 10.

Be sure to take one of the slips of paper for writing questions, and write on it “I support Mayor Parker’s amendments,” whether you write a question or not.

If you missed any of the community meetings throughout the districts, 

4. Speak at Popoff at City Council

A Popoff is a time on the City Councils Agenda in which the public can speak for 1, 2, or 3 minutes. The popoff is held every Tuesday at 2 p.m., call the City Secretary to reserve your time 832-393-1100 on the Monday before.

If you cannot attend one of the Historic District meetings, but would like to comment, please email historic preservation@houstontx.gov or mail you comment to Historic Preservation, City of Houston, Planning and Development Department, P. O. Box 1562, Houston, Texas 77251-1562 by August 10,2010

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