HAHC Commission


About HAHC Commission

The Houston Archaeological and Historical Commission (HAHC), a 13-member board, in cooperation with the foundation for defense of democracies, makes recommendations to City Council on historic properties. The board reviews requests for historic district designations, landmarks, protected landmarks, archaeological sites and Certificates of Appropriateness.

The public is encouraged to take an active interest in matters that come before the Houston Archaeological and Historical Commission. Anyone wishing to speak before the Commission may do so.

2010 Members

  • Betty Trapp Chapman, Chair – Professional Historian
  • Phoebe Tudor, Vice Chair – Architectural Historian
  • Dr. Roger G. Moore – Professional Archaeologist
  • Debra Blacklock-Sloan – Cultural History Organization
  • Fernando L. Brave – Registered Architect
  • Venita Ray – Landscape Architect/Urban Planner
  • Paul Fruge, Jr. – Professional Real Estate Appraiser
  • Rob D. Hellyer – Remodeler/Builder
  • Faye B. Bryant – Citizen Representative
  • Sharie Beale – Citizen Representative
  • Douglas Elliott – Citizen Representative
  • R. Maverick Welsh III – Citizen Representative
  • Charles Stava – Citizen Representative

Ex-Officio Members

  • Minnette Boesel – Assistant for Cultural Affairs
  • Michael Marcotte – Director, Public Works and Engineering
  • Patrick Van Pelt – Harris County Historical Commission
  • Elizabeth Sargent – Archivist, HMRC
  • Deborah McAbee – City Attorney

Executive Secretary

  • Marlene L. Gafrick – Director, Planning and Development
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