About Us


In April 2010, Mayor Parker appointed a Task Force to review Houston’s weak Historic Preservation Ordinance (HPO). The Task Force was charged with drafting an Amendment to the HPO designed to strengthen it by removing the 90 day waiver clause. The Task Force met with all sides; developers, builders, business owners, individual homeowners (both for and against) to ensure the development of a fair and balanced Amendment. A draft has been completed and sent to City Legal for their review. Once approved by Legal, the draft will be provided to City Council for their input.

In order to hear constituents’ views, the City will hold numerous meetings during July and August. We will post meeting times and places on our Home page as they are available.

There are thousands of us who care about our Historic Districts. If you are unable to attend and speak at least one City meeting, please send an email to Mayor Parker and all of City Council. All members of City Council will be required to vote on this most important Amendment. Go to our Home page for links to the Mayor and Council members.

Where can our collective voices make a difference?

Right here by joining the Houston Historic Districts Coalition! Our first official meeting was held on July 1, 2010. You can find the HHDC agendas and minutes on our Home page including our next meeting dates.

Our goal is to preserve our historic neighborhoods, welcome new compatible construction, and preserve the value of our neighborhoods.

Our first official charge is to support Mayor Parker’s recommendation to amend the existing Historic Preservation Ordinance providing for all Historic Districts to be truly protected.

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